Cover Photo and 8-page feature in fall issue of Coast & Kayak

4 thoughts on “Cover Photo and 8-page feature in fall issue of Coast & Kayak

  1. Good on you matie, I am happy for you that finally book & all is just about done. What a wild adventure you have had and are having. I am forever grateful that i was part of your expedition…. Thank you jason…. Huge hugs you lil’ sweet pepper

    • Hey Lourdy. Like the expedition, the writing of it took damn long enough. What escapades have you been up to recently? Seems like forever since we last connected. No doubt you’ve been using your time more sensibly, in the outdoors, having adventures; i.e. not sitting behind a flickering screen. Ciao!

  2. Nice one, Jason! Featured in a fine BC Coast magazine, published nearby in Nanaimo.

    That’ll garner some local interest, so come on out and make some presentations in this area!!!

    – Tim

  3. Jason,

    I just realized that Coast and Kayak is what used to be Wavelength Magazine, which for years was THE BC Coast paddling magazine. A friend of mine was a regular columnist and my first piece of professional journalism (on the subject of canoe polo, back in 1999 or 2000) came out in Wavelength, back when I lived and breathed nothing but kayaking in all its forms. It’s cool to see that they picked up on your story. And given the local distribution right here in Colin’s backyard, you just know he’ll see this on the racks or have it brought to his attention!

    – Tim