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Internationally acclaimed public speaker Jason Lewis uplifts and entertains with inspiring tales of adventure, perseverance, and environmental stewardship.

Motivational Speaker | Adventurer Jason Lewis


“A very special word of thanks to you for the wonderful contribution you made to our event last week, and for all the care and attention you put into the preparations. Your presentation was greatly enjoyed by all, and I heard a number of specific references to it even as we worked our way through the second day. Your messages and insights as a public speaker especially resonated with our people, given both the everyday and longer-term challenges and opportunities they face in their work and lives.” —Johan G van Vuuren, Regional Head of Human Resources

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH “Lewis is an engaging and polished public speaker with an excellent ear for a story. His achievements are undoubtedly remarkable but his message is not solely one of adventure. He is a committed environmentalist who speaks lucidly about “the impact of humans on Earth”. Having spent months alone at sea, entirely self-sufficient on his boat, he argues that our planet could be compared to a lone vessel in the vast ocean of the universe. Mankind’s challenge, he stated, is to survive within finite means, for the alternative is disastrous.” —Rupert Hawksley

DUNDEE UNIVERSITY “As the organiser of the University of Dundee’s public lecture programme, I can honestly say that Jason was one of if not the best speakers we’ve ever had. I’ve been inundated with positive feedback from regular audience members. Speaking with passion, eloquence and humour, Jason addressed an audience of more than 600, keeping them enthralled with his amazing stories. The younger members of our audience were particularly inspired by his message of global citizenship and responsibility to other nations.” —Joan Concannon, Director of External Relations

WESTMORELAND LTD “Jason delivered an inspiring presentation at the Rheged Centre. We were astonished by the amount of people queuing to buy a signed copy of his book after the show! A highlight was seeing how much his story of sustainability spoke to the younger generations in the audience. He was their hero, a great role model.” —Paul Vousden, Outdoor Manager

MONTREAL ADVENTURE FILM FESTIVAL “Undoubtedly the best public speaker we had at the festival this year. Not only the story, but also the emphasis Jason put on the emotional side of his adventures brought the story alive. The standing ovation he received at the end was well deserved.”

NATIONAL SPEAKERS ASSOCIATION “Outstanding. The audience loved Jason’s offbeat humour, and the stories of white-knuckle adventure had us on the edge of our seats. Most impressive of all was the motivation that kept him going over so many years and in the face of so many setbacks: broken legs, blood poisoning, altitude sickness, bankruptcy, attacks by both wild animals and people. We all came away feeling thoroughly inspired.”—Northern California Chapter

ORDNANCE SURVEY “A first-class presentation delivered by a world-class public speaker. Jason Lewis kept our guests spellbound with his after-dinner talk. Informative, inspiring, and very, very entertaining, Jason comes highly recommended.” —Liz Beverly, Communications Manager


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