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“Arguably, the most remarkable adventurer in the world today.”

                                                                                         —THE DAILY MAIL

Jason Lewis is an award-winning author, explorer, and sustainability advocate. He is recognized by Guinness World Records as the first person to circumnavigate the Earth by human power—without using motors or sails.[1] He walked, cycled, and inline skated five continents, and kayaked, swam, rowed, and pedalled a boat across the rivers, seas, and oceans. Taking thirteen years to complete, the 46,505-mile journey was hailed “the last great first for circumnavigation” by the London Sunday Times.

Adventurer Jason Lewis' human-powered circumnavigation route around the world, 1994-2007

Jason has set three additional records: the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from mainland Europe to North America by human power (February 1995, Lewis and Smith); first crossing of North America on inline skates (September 1996, Lewis); and first crossing of the Pacific Ocean by pedal power (August 2000, Lewis).

Adventurer Jason Lewis in his human-powered boat Moksha about to recross the Greenwich Meridian Line

He was nominated The Times inGear Man of the Year (2007), the Land Rover Toughest Sportsperson of the Year, and featured as one of Sport Magazine’s Athletes of the Year. An Honorary Fellow of London University, the Royal Geographical Society, The Explorers Club, and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, he has appeared on numerous television and talk shows, including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), CBS This Morning, and Long Way Down with actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman.

Adventurer Jason Lewis on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Adventure is about much more than just records or firsts for Jason. Visiting more than 900 schools in 37 countries to date, involving thousands of students in a variety of programmes in conjunction with UNESCO’s Associated Schools Program Network, he uses human-powered journeys to promote world citizenship, zero carbon emission travel, and awareness of individual lifestyle choices on the health of the planet. In addition, tens of thousands of dollars have been raised through his 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for humanitarian causes — orphanages such as The Hope Orphanage in East Timor, and hospices for people living with HIV and AIDS (Rumah Solehah, Kuala Lumpur; Father Joe’s Mercy Centre, Bangkok).

Adventurer Jason Lewis explaining navigation to 5th grade students in Monterey, California

A frequent contributor to outdoor magazines (Men’s Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Outside Magazine, Geographical) and travel books (Chicken Soup for the Traveler’s Soul, HCI, 2002; Flightless, Incredible Journeys Without Leaving the Ground, Lonely Planet, 2008; The Modern Explorers, Thames & Hudson, 2013), Jason is the author of The Expedition trilogy (BillyFish Books, 2012/13/16): Dark Waters*, The Seed Buried Deep**, and To The Brink.

*WINNER of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award & Eric Hoffer Award. **ForeWord Reviews’ Book of the Year.

Adventurer Jason Lewis kayaking through the Riau Archipelago, Indonesia

26 thoughts on “Adventurer Jason Lewis | About

  1. Hello Jason, You’re books finally out! I met you at the Earls Court boat show, a matter of weeks after you completed your circum-navigation, said you were still adjusting to life back onland. Any chance of getting a copy of the book before it’s release date in the Uk?

    • Hey there! I guess once the books become available in North America, we can see about shipping internationally. And there’ll be an ebook, so if you have a reader this might be the way to go. Sorry to sound a bit vague. Being the first time round, I’m learning as I go (like the circumnavigation!). Jason

  2. Jason.

    Although I vicariously lived your expedition for thirteen years, I’m still humbled when I read on my screen what you have achieved. Being familiar with your amazing literay style I know this trilogy will make a great impact, and can’t wait to have a copy here in the UK.

    Best wishes,

    Ian Macalpine-Leny

  3. Hi Jason, can’t wait to get a copy of the book. Just happened to be watching The Long Way Down again and love the episode where they come across you, by yourself, traveling through Africa. It puts your journey in good context in thinking their story of an expedition with three support cars and two motorcycles is difficult, then you pop up on your bike in the middle of nowhere in extreme heat just pushing through. The expression on their faces was great and was humbling to them and those watching. Let me know if you plan on doing any book signings in the Long Beach CA area, I would love to meet you.


  4. Thank you for the words of support, Todd. You have a good memory (the Long Way Down series was a few years ago now!). Hoping to do a speaking event/film/book evening in LA this fall. I’ll drop you a note when we have something in place.

    Best – Jason

  5. What astonishing achievements. This is the wonder of blogs, somehow happening across sites – not quite remembering your journey as if fate played the majority of the role. I’m certainly nowhere near as adventurous, in fact, I could relate to those travel sickness bands in the photograph on your home page. I got caught in a storm just off the coast near Falmouth the other day and could only keep my eyes glued to the horizon, whilst not trying to panic too much about the wind and waves. But a thirteen year circumnavigation of the earth is truly remarkable. Just ordered book 1 – can’t wait.

    • Those waters off Falmouth can be pretty treacherous, though, especially in a storm. One advantage of storms out in blue water is there’s nothing to run into! Hope you enjoy the book. Thanks for buying!

  6. i’m in that ‘rest of the world’ area that has to wait until next year for the books… I obviously couldn’t wait that long so an order from the US it was! Just finished the first book – what an adventure! Very inspiring, sometimes terrifying and wickedly funny…cant wait for the next book!!

    • Yes, sorry for the transcontinental order, Tom. The publisher is just about to ramp up for UK publication, tailoring publicity accordingly. So glad you enjoyed the book, though!

  7. Hi Jason,

    I First learnt about your expedition when I saw you on the Long Way Down series and had to do some research on your travels. I must say I was pretty impressed at what you have accomplished and amazed at how you stuck to the rules of your challenge (humanpower). I have read alot of stories about long distance travel but found Dark Waters to be the most real and intreguing so i was wondering when The Seed Buried Deep will be released in Canada.

    Looking forward to the second book.

    – Gavin

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Gavin. And glad you enjoyed the first book. The Seed Buried Deep should be out in Canada by the end of Feb. Can we let you know by email when it’s out?

      Many thanks!


      • Thanks for the quick response. That would be good if you could let me know via email when the release date is. Looking forward to reading it.



  8. I recently heard about your story and decided to read your book. I thought it was great and am looking forward to books two and three. When will they be available in the U.S.?

  9. How did I just hear about this?!!!! It’s blowing my mind, Jason. And since I like to receive belated birthday wishes, perhaps you’ll enjoy my belated congratulations– CONGRATS, MAN! Has life been happy after the expedition ended? I can’t imagine that transition was entirely easy. I can’t wait to read your books!
    Virginia, USA

    • Thanks Kristin. Yes, the transition was a little strange. Took a long time to adapt. Strangely the writing process helped a lot. Cathartic in many ways.

  10. Just heard you on Saturday live. The adventure (malaria & run ins with myopic drunk drivers notwithstanding) sounds amazing, but was particularly impressed by the transition from being a window cleaner without much ambition (which is what came across in the interview) to being the one that crossed the finishing line, after your mate dropped out. V inspiring.

  11. Jason,
    I’ve now got as far as Cairns and yesterday took a trip down the Daintree River. I couldn’t help thinking about your encounter with a salty when we had a 3.5 + meter chap swimming alongside the boat…….. A trip to picnic up in the rainforest was sensational. What a country for a has-been Zoologist……..
    It sounds from Sarah’s comment that you are getting plenty of exposure in the UK. Let me know how plans for May are panning out.
    Best wishes, Ian M-L

  12. Hi Jason,
    I was wondering if you had an update about when books two and three will be available in the U.S.?


  13. Do you have an update on when the second book will be available in US? The first book was great.

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